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For the past 10 years health, fitness and nutrition have been my life. Studying natural and effective ways to heal and regenerate the body. My personal health struggles fueled me to find answers. Through studies and continued education, I found answers. PEMF therapy, red light therapy and ems therapy, are just a few tools I use. The goal is to reset the body’s natural regenerative process.

Along with nutrition, supplementation, life changes and consistency.

I have had the opportunity to work in alternative medicine. Working with type 2 diabetic patients and stem cell therapy. This only pushed me further and harder, to find ways to treat and reduce symptoms naturally. I was Constantly building knowledge and perspective along the way. I am now blessed with the opportunity to have my own private practice. Here I listen to the patient, they are first and foremost. Their health is number one, not the bottom dollar. I think good health should never be unattainable because of financial reasons. This was my dream, now it’s my reality.


Certified: PEMF-CPR-LLLT- RF-Cavitation

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Healing your ailments not masking your symptoms. That is True Health!